Israel 2013, 60 min, Arabic and English, Hebrew & English subtitles

Ever since Europe closed its gates to African refugees, thousands of Eritreans have fled the brutal dictatorship in their homeland and traveled north, to Israel. Many were seized by Bedouin smugglers as they crossed the Sinai desert. They are held in camps and tortured until they pay a ransom. This film follows Eritrean radio presenter Meron Estefanos, who interviews thousands of refugees imprisoned in those camps from her home in Sweden. Through these radio interviews the film touches on many other moving stories. We hear about Hariti, 22, who gave birth to her first child in camp, while her husband tried to collect $30,000 in Israel to purchase their release; and about Timnit, 20, who disappeared along the Israeli-Egyptian border, and is still searched for by her brother.

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Director & Script: Keren Shayo
Production: Executive Producer: Osnat Trabelsi, Galit Cahlon
Production Company: Trabelsi Productions
Editing: Ayal Goldberg
Cinematography: Daniel Kedem
Research: Shirli Nadav
Soundtrack: Itzik Cohen
Music: Yosef Babliki
Print Source: Trabelsi Productions (