United Kingdom 2014, 37 min, English and French, Hebrew & English subtitles

Only 5,500 out of 100,000 works of art created by patients at a psychiatric hospital south of London have survived. They were stored in an abandoned shower room in yet another hospital. This impressive collection, rediscovered only recently, traces its roots to an experimental studio that was established by Edward Adamson at the asylum immediately after World War II, for research, diagnostic, and rehabilitative purposes. Adamson is now considered the “Father of Art Therapy” in Britain. The patients used whatever materials available (including pages from books, stones collected in a nearby field and toilet paper) to make works of painting and sculpture. Despite these limitations, the creation of art served the patients as a means to escape their desperate circumstances. Today, their works are earning what the creators themselves had never achieved: instead of being examined through the lens of psychiatric therapy, they are being assessed for their aesthetic and artistic value.

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Full Frame, Locarno Film Festival, Hamptons Film Festival, London BFI Film Festival, Janela Internacional de Cinema Festival, Bucharest Experimental Film Festival, First Fornight Festival,, True/False Film Fest, Busan International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival


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Director: Pia Borg And Edward Lawrenson
Production: Kate Ogborn And Lisa Marie Russo
Production Company: Fly Film
Script: N/a
Editing, Soundtrack & Music: Philippe Ciompi
Cinematography: Nick Gordon Smith
Research: Jim Anderson
World Sales: Fly Film (hannahbailey@flyfilm.co.uk)