Germany 2015, 94 min, English and German, Hebrew & English subtitles

The city was ugly and poor, but wild, creative, and incredibly sexy. To the thousands of people that flocked to 1980s Berlin, anything was possible. The air in West Berlin was drenched with history, girls had pubic hair, you could smoke in all the pubs, and thousands of abandoned apartments were turned into artists’ communes. The protagonist of this film is one of those dreamers, a musician and a producer who came to the divided city and became part of the underground post-punk scene. With a trembling with excitement Super 8 camera, he documents it all . This film is an energetic collage, ingeniously blending never before seen footage with dramatizations. It shows everything from the creative deliberations of a young Nick Cave to performances in industrial spaces, skirmishes with Communist border guards, the Love Parade, and clashes with the police, and it culminates with the dawn of a new era, when the Wall finally fell.

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Directors: Heiko Lange, Klaus Maeck, Jörg A. Hoppe
Production: Jörg A. Hoppe, Klaus Maeck, Heiko Lange
Production Company: Def Media, Interzone Pictures, Scenes From
Editing: Alexander Von Sturmfeder
World Sales: DEF Media (