United States 2014, 81 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

It will be a while before New York forgets October 2013. Thrilled New Yorkers woke up every morning and took to the streets to try and find the latest piece of art that Banksy had planted in an unannounced location. The British graffiti artist ruled the streets of the city for 31 straight days, turning them into a huge art installation, in which the residents (or “Banksy hunters”) were part of the show. They took selfies with the work, added comments and hashtags, filled neighborhoods that had never known public art before, seized Banksy’s works, collected money from anyone who wanted to take a photograph, and even stole them to sell to mainstream galleries. The art world turned its nose up at all this, while the police tried to clear the streets of these nuisances, but “Banksy fever” swept across the city. Remarkably, even after this enormous show of strength, Banksy somehow managed to remain anonymous.

Previous Festivals: Hamptons Film Festival, DocNYC


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Director: Chris Moukarbel
Production: Jack Turner
Production Company: Matador
Editing: Jen Harrington, Ezra Paek
Cinematography: Mai Iskander, Karim Raoul
World Sales: Filmbuff (scott@filmbuff.com)