New Zealand 2014, 93 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

The last thing the members of a seniors’ club in New Zealand ever dreamed they’d be doing was getting on stage in Las Vegas to participate in an international hip hop competition. It was all their coordinator Billie Jordan’s idea. She wanted them to have an adventure they would never forget. The 27 dancers, most in their 80s and 90s, are reluctant when they first start rehearsals, but the growing excitement soon becomes contagious. Soon we learn that each of them is a rich repository of memories. One was a pianist, while another sang opera. One raised five children on her own, while another fled England during the Battle of Britain. A surprisingly meaningful encounter with a youth team inspires and empowers both groups. “Since I’ve become a hip hopper,” says one 94-year-old dancer, “it’s kept me off the streets, looking for fun.”

Previous Festivals: IDFA, Santa Barbara IFF, Big Sky, Boulder IFF, Thessaloniki Doc FF, One World, Cleveland IFF, Martha's Vineyards


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Director & Script: Bryn Evans
Production: Paula Jones, Alex Lee
Production Company: Inkubator Ltd.
Editing: Peter Roberts
Cinematography: Bevan Crothers
Music: The Sound Room, Marshall Smith And Tom Fox
World Sales: Rise And Shine World Sales (