United States 2014, 64 min, English and French, Hebrew & English subtitles

With a tiny camera and unprecedented proximity to his subjects, Richard Leacock launched a revolution in documentary filmmaking. The man who introduced cinema verité to the English-speaking world holds an intimate, kitchen-table chat with his friend and fellow artist Les Blank about films, and the movie’s audience can experience the conversation as if they were sitting there with them in that house in Normandy. Leacock, who died four years ago, was 78 when the footage was shot. Nearing the end of his life, he recalls his childhood on his father’s banana plantations on the Canary Islands, the films he shot and directed at the age of fourteen, his encounters with Leonard Bernstein, Igor Stravinsky, Klan leaders, and Teddy Kollek, from behind and in front of the camera. “You have to have a relationship with the people you are filming, even if they are people you dislike… that’s irrelevant.” says Leacock as he cooks. “You have to try and see how they tick””

Previous Festivals: Telluride Film Festival, New York Film Festival, IDFA, Cinema Du Reel, Ashland Independent Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Hot Docs, It's All True, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Biografilm Festival Bologna, New Zealand International Film Festival


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Directors, Production & Cinematography: Les Blank, Gina Leibrecht
Production Company: Les Blank Films
Script & Editing: Gina Leibrecht
World Sales: Les Blank Films (giner@mac.com)