United States 2014, 86 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

The intense friendship between jazz giant Clark Terry, 93, and his blind young protégé Justin Kauflin was put to the test. Terry, a legend in his own lifetime who taught such memorable musical greats as Quincy Jones and Miles Davis, suffered from declining health, which threatened to end his prodigious career. This happened at precisely the time that Kauflin was preparing for a piano competition that had the potential to boost him to international renown. Portraying this critical moment, the film shows student and teacher clinging to each other and to their music: Kauflin improvises and hums along with Terry at the hospital, while Terry provides him with a pair of lucky socks before his concert. Their camaraderie inspires them to overcome their greatest fears: for Terry, the fear of death, and for Kauflin, implacable stage fright. This film, winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Tribeca Film Festival, depicts a five-year-long journey resounding with love and admiration.

Previous Festivals: Tribeca Film Festival, Hot Docs, Telluride Film Festival




Director: Alan Hicks
Production: Quincy Jones, Paula Dupre’ Pesmen
Production Company: Absolute Clay Productions, Llc
Script: Alan Hicks, Davis Coombe
Editing: Davis Coombe
Cinematography: Adam Hart
Music: Justin Kauflin
World Sales: Jason Wald (jason.wald@weinsteinco.com)