United States 2014, 16 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

When Yung Lenox was just five, he told his father that he likes to draw “cool” characters, or in other words, portraits of rappers. His father Skip posted just one of Yung’s drawings on Instagram, and the world was bowled over. Now seven, Lenox is a respected artist whose drawings appear on record covers, t-shirts, and the front pages of major publications. At his “one-boy show”, famous rappers asked him for his autograph. Lenox is childish, funny, and at ease with himself. He is much less worried than his parents are about how success might affect his childhood.

Previous Festivals: Tribeca Film Festival, Docamir


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Directors: Anthony Mathile, Stacey Lee
Production: Stacey Lee
Production Company: Dallas, M Ss Ng P Eces
Script: None
Editing: Anthony Mathile, Matthew Charof, Joseph Peeler
Cinematography: Jacob Rosen
Soundtrack: N.w.a., Cam'ron, Dr. Octagon, Gucci Mane, Blue Sky Black Death
Music: Aaron Stein-chester
World Sales: Stacey Lee (stayceelee@gmail.com)