Canada / United Kingdom / United States 2013, 87 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

She is an acclaimed London artist. He is an esteemed New York AIDS researcher. Yolanda and Joseph Sonnabend, sister and brother, spent their lives in separate worlds and now, faced by old age and Yolanda’s deteriorating health, they move in together and share the crumbling family mansion. They seem to have nothing in common, and soon enough sparks begin to fly. At the same time, underneath layers of anger and frustration, they discover some kind of mutual love and tender care. The director, the Sonnabends’ nephew, sees the complexity of their siblings’ relationship, and turns to confront his own years-long estrangement from his brother.

Previous Festivals: Vancouver International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival


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Director & Cinematography: Thomas Burstyn
Production: Sumner Burstyn, Trish Dolman, Haydn Wazelle
Production Company: Cloud North Films Ltd, Screen Siren Pictures Inc
Script: Sumner Burstyn
Editing: Peter Roeck
Music: John Korsrud
World Sales: Union Pictures (