Netherlands / Switzerland 2014, 75 min, English, Dutch, French and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

How similar is the emotional world of chimpanzees to our own? Can we help them overcome trauma? How do you teach a chimpanzee who has never met others of its species to regain its animal nature? The caretakers at a Dutch rescue center help chimpanzees raised in labs, circuses, or in complete isolation from other chimps to rediscover their basic identity. They try to unravel the emotional complexity of the animals, to alleviate their anxiety and fear, and to help them function as social creatures again. The film’s soundtrack and unusual camera angles allow director Marc Schmidt to forgo accompanying narration, and offers the viewer a touching and intimate experience that looks at the dilemmas faced by the caregivers and the long, arduous path taken by the chimpanzees.

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Director & Script: Marc Schmidt
Production: Simone Van Den Broek
Production Company: Basalt Film, Mira Film
Editing: Katarina Türler, Nce, Govert Janse At The Gentleman's Club
Cinematography: Marc Schmidt, Rogier Timmermans
Soundtrack: Recording: Carla Van Der Meijs, Daniel Almada
Music: Jasper Boeke
World Sales: Autlook Films, Peter Jager (