France / Denmark 2015, 85 min, English and Danish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Is it an awesome piece of art conceived in madness? A social experiment? An attempt to introduce a southern lifestyle to the frigid north? Regardless of what it actually is, most people who live in the “8 House” are infatuated with their home. Some 500 people inhabit this unusual building – a loop of apartments, built by architect Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen. They can go up and down all nine floors by riding their bikes, coming face to face with cows and sheep, and go for a hike on the lush green roof, getting lost among its paths. The directors of this film spent 21 days in the building, getting to know the local community. They met the resident who writes love poems to the building, the man who became so upset by the tourists coming in to photograph his balcony that he had a heart attack, the children convinced that they live in a magical kingdom somewhere in outer space, and the delivery boy who gets lost in the corridors for hours, while he tries to figure out who ordered a hamburger.


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Directors, Script & Editing: Ila Beka, Louise Lemoine
Production: Filippo Clericuzio
Production Company: Beka & Partners
Cinematography: Ila Beka
World Sales: BEKA & PARTNERS (