Japan 2013, 120 min, Japanese, Hebrew & English subtitles

At 72, Director Hayao Miyazaki is contemplating his retirement, but instead decides to embark on a new adventure, leading his 400 employees at the legendary Studio Ghibli in creating a new animation film. While working on “The Wind Rises”, a personal story based on Miyazaki’s dreams and childhood memories, he is not afraid to expose his sentimental, fun-loving personality and introduce the audience to the unorthodox ways of running Studio Ghibli: morning group exercise, fun and eccentric motivational signs, and sky gazing. The artists that hand-paint each frame describe him as demanding, but regard the studio as a kingdom of joy and madness.

Previous Festivals: TIFF, Leeds International Film Festival, Montreal International Doc Festival


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Director, Editing & Cinematography: Mami Sunada
Production: Nobuo Kawakami
Production Company: Dwango Company
Music: Masakatsu Takagi
World Sales: wildbunch (obensalah@wildbunch.eu)