Portugal 2013, 164 min, Portuguese, Hebrew & English subtitles

Portuguese filmmaker Joaquim Pinto has been living with HIV and HCV for almost two decades. His creative life, daily routine on his vegetable farm, playful moments with his dogs and the long relationship with his husband Nunu are all overshadowed by the ongoing disintegration of his body. While undergoing a year of experimental drug treatments, he records his hallucinations and thoughts in a video diary. In this remarkable diary, Pinto, constantly afraid of loosing his “self” (“I forgot where I put the notes I wrote so as not to forget things”), never stops contemplating life and art and love, and shares his most intimate moments with the camera. A lyrical collage of self awareness and attempts to decipher the world.

Previous Festivals: Locarno Film Festival


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Director: Joaquim Pinto
Production: Joaquim Pinto, Joana Ferreira, Isabel Machado, Christine Reeh
Production Company: C.r.i.m. / Presente
Script, Editing & Cinematography: Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel
Research: .
Soundtrack & Music: Whomadewho, Jacques Ibert, Carl Maria Von Weber, Ludwig Van Beethoven
World Sales: Joana Ferreira / Isabel Machado (crim-filmes@gmail.com)