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Innovative filmmakers and artists present their unique, interdisciplinary projects-in-the-making

Curator: Doron Solomons

Please note that the event will be held in Hebrew

Noy Alush | Reality Mix

Noy Alush does to the news in general, and to television culture in particular, exactly what it does to us. Today, just about every politician and reality star fears and hopes that Alush will mash them up onto the pages of history…

Roni Karpiol | The Internet of Refugees

Roni Karpiol sifts through social networks, collecting snippets from the lives of Syrian refugees, piecing together small details, interpersonal gestures, and brutal practicalities that make up their journey to freedom.

Adi Lavy | Once Upon a Sea

Adi Lavy and producer Nimrod Shanit have been tracking the decline of the Dead Sea. This documentary film uses a virtual format as a way of “preserving” this natural treasure before it dies completely.

Elad Ben Ellul and Yossi Brauman | Prophets

In this web series, directors Ben Ellul and Brauman present ten portraits of fascinating Mizrahi social activists.

Amir Busheri | Poor People’s Food

Popular cooking shows frequently feature chefs whose restaurants cater to the top 1%. Amir Busheri’s cooking show for the poor offers recipes that are inexpensive and tasty. The result is absolutely gourmet.

Lior Zalmanson and Arik Bernstein

The Future of Work
An examination of the way that the internet revolution has impacted the way the world consumes work and raises money. Every step of this film, from research to production, cinematography, and editing, will done by people – unknown to each other and for the most part anonymous – who connected through the web.