Israel 2016, 67 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

This film tells the story of playwright Hanoch Levin by visiting the key moments in his life and meeting with the people closest to him: his three wives, four children, and siblings. The complex personality of an artist committed first and foremost to his work is expressed in each of these complicated relationships, so brimming with love.

Director & Script: Rephael Levin
Production: Anath Kandell
Production Company: One Light Productions
Editing: Neta Dvorkis
Cinematography: Yaniv Linton
Research: Noa Alfia
Soundtrack: Yossi Appelbaum
Music: Karni Postel
World Sales: Anath Kandell (


רפאל לוין, במאי ועורך.
מתגורר במושב בית יהושע עם אשתו דנה ושתי בנותיו. "הפשע הקרוי אדם" הוא סרטו הדוקומנטרי הראשון באורך מלא.