New Zealand / Afghanistan 2015, 91 min, Dari, Hebrew & English subtitles

Beneath the ruins and layers of dust, where the Afghan Film Archives once stood, old film reels containing the county’s cultural heritage can still be found. Filmmaker Ibrahim Arifi spent time in prison before escaping to Germany. Now he’s come home, determined to find what is left of the films that the Taliban tried to destroy. He is the strong-minded leader of a resolute, impassioned group that cleans, restores, documents, and screens films “from the days when we were normal”. There are passionate love stories, thrillers, and hours of documentaries that spark memories of different times in Afghanistan, before everything changed. This film follows the archivists in a time of tension and instability, as they go out to the remote countryside to share these treasures with people, some of whom have never seen a film before.

Previous Festivals: TIFF, IDFA, Venice Film Festival


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Director, Production & Script: Pietra Brettkelly
Production Company: Pbk Limited
Editing: Cinzia Baldessari, Nicolas Chauderuge, Cushia Dillon, Irena Dol, Margot Francis, Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Cinematography: Jacob Bryant
Music: Benjamin Wallfisch
World Sales: The Film Sales Company (