Netherlands 2015, 88 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

58,000 people were on Noma’s waiting list, when the celebrated Danish restaurant relocated to Japan for a five-week adventure. Chef René Redzepi packed his utensils and chefs that made Noma a foodie mecca, and set off for Tokyo for a physically and emotionally grueling effort to serve lunch and 14-course dinners to 3,000 Japanese customers. “We’re crazy,” said one chef. “Our job is to keep failing, and turn that into progress.” Redzepi’s team doesn’t want “to cook like tourists,” so they conduct a thorough study, including forest excursions to harvest produce, experiments with new ingredients like fried fish semen, better ways to kill turtles for soup, and the careful placement of live ants on shrimp. The tension is tangible in the month leading up to the grand opening, and creativity is at its peak.

Director: Maurice Dekkers
Production: Dan Blazer, Nelsje Musch-elzinga
Production Company: Blazhoffski, Dahl Tv
Editing: Pelle Asselbergs
Cinematography: Hans Bouma
Soundtrack: Jillis Schriel
Music: Nicolas Jaar, Halfdane, Shigeru Umebayashi
World Sales: Fortissimo Films (


Maurice Dekkers is an Amsterdam based journalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts, he produced and directed, with his company DAHL, the food-related, award winning TV series, KEURINGSDIENST VAN WAARDE. The show became one of the most popular programs on Dutch television with more than 250 episodes. It is also a hit in the UK on Channel 4 under the name FOOD UNWRAPPED. Dekkers’s TV series TONY AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY about child slavery in the cocoa industry led to the creation of a 100% slave-free chocolate bar called Tony’s Chocolonely and it is now the biggest chocolate brand in the Netherlands. ANTS ON A SHRIMP is his first feature documentary.
Director’s Selected Filmography:
TV Series food documentary 150 episodes
TV series food documentary (producer)
TV series food documentary (producer)