United States 2016, 110 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

It left America reeling. Everyone cared about JT LeRoy (including Madonna, Debbie Harry, Tom Waits, Calvin Klein, Matthew Modine, and Gus Van Sant), until they found out that he was made up, an avatar, remotely manipulated by an author, who had no connection to LeRoy’s twilight world of crime, prostitution, and gender-bending. Laura Albert created Jeremy Terminator LeRoy and wrote stories in his name that critics called brilliant. For the first time, she talks about how the character emerged and assumed its own life in the media, on screen, at celebrity parties, and even in romantic relationships. Then she decided to come clean. Albert is a complicated but compelling character, who insists that it was never a joke or fraudulent deception. “Is it so surprising that a writer makes up a story?”

Previous Festivals: Sundance

Director & Script: Jeff Feuerzeig
Production: Robert Sharenow, Robert Debitetto
Editing: Michelle M. Witten
Cinematography: Richard Henkels
World Sales: Ana Vicente - Dogwoof


Jeff Feuerzeig is an award-winning director whose feature film The Devil and Daniel Johnston won the U.S. Documentary Directing Award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The film is a portrait of a schizophrenic musician who overcame his private demons to develop an avid international following. Feuerzeig also directed The Real Rocky for ESPN Films’ acclaimed 30 for 30 Series, which views the Chuck Wepner story through the documentary lens.