South Africa / Sudan 2014, 68 min, Arabic, Hebrew & English subtitles

The Sudanese refugees never stop singing, not even when Antonov aircraft barrage their homes with bombs, not even when their huts go up in flames and their meager food supplies get turned to charcoal. Their incredible ability to cling to life is expressed through the music, songs, and dances, which are the very heartbeat of their culture. Torn from their homes and forced to live in camps, the people of the Blue Nile region and the Nuba Mountains are still targeted by the North in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. The folk music that always accompanied their lives helps them cling to their African identity, an identity, they say, that their northern overlords want to erase, so that Sudan can be a homogeneous (Arab) state. From music, the people of the South draw strength. It imbues them with a sense of community, with concern for one another, and most of all, with hope for the future.

Previous Festivals: Africa Alive Francfort, Africa filmfestival Leuven, Africa in Motion festival, Afrika Eye film festival, TIFF, San Francisco IFF, Luxor African film festival, African movie academy awards


Director, Script, Editing & Cinematography: Hajooj Kuka
Production: Steven Markovitz
Production Company: Big World Company, Refugee Club
World Sales: Big World cinema (


He is the director of, a website that works with local reporters aimed at bringing the news of the war through short documentaries, to the Sudanese people. His previous work includes the 2009 documentary, Darfur’s Skeleton, which explores the conflict in Sudan’s troubled region since 2003. He has also worked as a director and editor at Alhurra TV station.