Israel 2016, 90 min, Hebrew, Moroccan and Yemenite, Hebrew & English subtitles

These are the memories of a lost girlhood. When they were only five or six or ten years old, their parents snatched them from the playground and handed them to much older menת to be married. They recall the violence and fear they were subjected to, the pregnancies at the age of eleven or twelve, becoming mothers when they were still little girls themselves.
It was an open secret but one they put aside forever, because revealing it might tear their family apart, causing commotion and creating chaos. The memories of their tragic childhood never healed – they were simply suppressed for the sake of their children, their livelihoods, and their husbands. No more.


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Director, Production & Script: Yael Kipper, Ronen Zaretzky
Production Company: Turtles Films
Editing: Tor Ben Mayor
Cinematography: Ronen Zaretzky, Additional Photography: Avigail Sperber
Research: Hagit Eiloz, Galit Milchan, Talia Salomon
Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema, Db Studios
Music: Shiran Karni, Adi Forti, Oren Rot


יעל קיפר: מפיקה ובמאית סרטים דוקומנטרים
מבין סרטיה: סופרוומן, כשרון לארץ ישראל, המורדים האחרונים, החול והים, אם לאדם היו כנפיים, כוכבים נוצצים ועוד...

רונן זרצקי: במאי וצלם
מבין סרטיו: סופרוומן, כשרון לארץ ישראל, המורדים האחרונים, החול והים, ראיתי ציפור, הכנופיה שלא היתה ועוד...