Israel 2016, 56 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

Every week, 10 elderly gay men gather in a small, fluorescent-lit room in the LGBTQ Center in Tel Aviv. Being part of a community that sanctifies youth, this intimate space is these old men’s last sanctuary, where they can face the process of aging openly: from sexuality and body image during old age, to loneliness and their lives as widowers, divorcees, and/or grandparents.
Foregoing a sociological, biographical documentation of these individuals, the movie follows the witty seniors and their funny dialogues as they unfold in that single room, giving a humor-filled glimpse into the ruthless process of aging.

Director & Script: Revital Gal
Production: Liran Atzmor
Production Company: Atzmor Productions Ltd
Editing: Tali Halter Shenkar
Cinematography: Avigail Sperber, Tulik Galon
Music: Ronit Rolland
World Sales: Liran Atzmor (


רויטל גל, ילידת 1975, בעלת M.A. בקולנוע.