United States 2015, 76 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

The “Empire Builder” never sleeps. The longest railroad line in the United States rattles its way from Michigan to Seattle and back, crossing the continent while packed with people lugging their baggage there and back too. The modern version of the Great American Road Trip film features cell phones, computers and cameras, but the nomadic passengers are still the same, searching, wondering, hoping, and fleeing, before they turn back. Their stories have no beginning and no end, just like the clatter of the train.
This last film by Albert Maysles (“Gimme Shelter,” “Grey Gardens”) was made with four other directors, each of whom was responsible for a different part of the train at the same time.

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  • Fri 20.05 16:00 Cinemateque 2
  • Fri 20.05 22:00 Cinemateque 2
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  • Tue 24.05 14:00 Cinemateque 2
Directors: Albert Maysles, Lynn True, Nelson Walker, Ben Wu, David Usui
Production: Lynn True, Nelson Walker, Erika Dilday
Production Company: Maysles Documentary Center, True Walker Productions
Editing: Lynn True
Cinematography: Nelson Walker, Albert Maysles, Ben Wu, David Usui
World Sales: Erika Dilday (erika@maysles.org)


Albert Maysles
Salesman (1968)
Gimme Shelter (1970)
Grey Gardens (1976)

Lynn True and Nelson Walker
iThemba|Hope (2005)
Lumo (2007)
Summer Pasture (2010)