United Kingdom / Hungary 2016, 93 min, Hungarian, Hebrew & English subtitles

“Jew” was the worst insult he could i. It felt “like someone stabbed me in the heart”. Csanád Szegedi, a leader of Hungary’s radical right, swayed millions with his anti-Semitic rhetoric. Sworn in to the European Parliament, he wore the black vest of Hungary’s xenophobic National Guard. Then came the shocking revelation that his family was Jewish, and his grandmother, who was always there for him, was a survivor of Auschwitz. With his world falling apart, the only person to reach out was the local rabbi. The first time he put on a yarmulke, Csanád felt “like my head was on fire,” but it started a remarkable transformation. Speaking openly for the first time, his mother and grandmother said: “We preferred to keep silent, addicted to the illusion that we were Christians, so you and your children could have a different life.”

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Director: Sam Blair, Joseph Martin
Production: Alex Holder, Danielle Clark, Nicole Stott
Editing: Kim Gaster, Ben Stark
Cinematography: Márton Vízkelety
Soundtrack: Nicholas Ashe, Claire Ellis, Tom Foster
Music: Phillip Sheppard
World Sales: Film Sales Corp ()


Joseph Martin became the youngest documentary director in the history of Channel 4 for Win A Baby leading him to receive a Broadcast Hotshot Award. Sam Blair is a documentary filmmaker and graduate of the UK's National Film and Television School. His debut feature Personal Best received a nationwide release and was longlisted for the British Film Awards.