Denmark / Germany 2015, 56 min, English and German, Hebrew & English subtitles

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Alexanderplatz, East Berlin’s main square, has been left to crumble. An architectural competition intended to breathe new life into the square quickly turned into a battlefield, pitting different ideologies and perspectives on history and memory against each other. Should the renovation erase all memory of the city’s communist past and destroy the square’s Soviet-style buildings? Should the area be surrounded by New York-style skyscrapers? Should the flurry of construction in Berlin preserve the stylistic differences between East and West? Famous architects who participated in the competition present their visions and explain how, despite their impassioned arguments, Alexanderplatz has undergone a quarter century of makeshift, patchwork construction.

Previous Festivals: Architceture Film Festival Lisbon, Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, Duisburger Filmwoche, Architecture Film Festival Copenhagen (2016), Architceture Film Festival Budapest (2016)


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Director, Script & Research: Hans Christian Post
Production: Hans Christian Post, Michael Truckenbrodt
Production Company: Time Prints Kg
Editing: Karoline Schulz
Cinematography: Uwe Bohrer, Erik Krambeck, Hans Christian Post
Soundtrack: Mitch & Mitch With Their Incredible Combo, Kristian Due Marstal, Mikkel Benn, Hans Christian Post
World Sales: Michael Truckenbrodt (


Hans Christian Post is a postdoc at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Prior to that he worked for two years for the documentary film company WTS-mixedmedia in Berlin. Last Exit Alexanderplatz is the first documentary film, which he has directed.