United States 2016, 34 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Laurie Lipton’s drawings are so disturbing that some of her clients remove them from their office walls and hide them whenever they have an important meeting. “Imagine how incredible it is that her art is so scary. It’s art, not a Doberman!” says one of her admirers. Lipton lived for almost fifty years in near isolation. “I didn’t have kids. I didn’t do anything. All I did was draw,” she says. The shocking images that she creates (all in black and white, and done in such detail that she needs a magnifying glass) are her bitter critique of our society, politics, media, and consumer culture. The most painful parts of her personal story she tells in much softer colors.

Previous Festivals: SXSW

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Director, Production, Editing & Cinematography: James Scott
Production Company: Met Film
World Sales: Ana Vicente (ana@dogwoof.com)