Spain / Brazil 2015, 70 min, Portuguese, Hebrew & English subtitles

What could be more natural than a father and son, who haven’t seen each other in twenty years, spending a month watching soccer together? Director Sergio Oksman and his father Simão try to overcome the sense of estrangement that developed ever since Simão abandoned his family. As they watch the World Cup in Brazil, they try to focus on the game and avoid a heart-to-heart, but the need to grow closer wins out. The path to intimacy is long and steep, winding between childhood memories and countless questions with no answers. This gentle film takes place entirely at the edge of the football field, without really showing the games themselves. It follows the first, hesitant steps in a relationship between two strangers who happen to be related. Will they grow closer, or is it too late?

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Director: Sergio Oksman
Production: Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles, Sergio Oksman
Production Company: Dok Films
Script & Editing: Carlos Muguiro, Sergio Oksman
Cinematography: André Brandão
World Sales: Patra Spanou Film Marketing & Consulting (


Madrid-based filmmaker of Brazilian origin. He studied Journalism in Sao Paulo and Film in New York. He is a film teacher in Madrid and heads up Dok Films productions. His filmography as director includes “The Beautician”, "Goodbye, America", "Notes on the Other", "A Story for the Modlins”.