Norway / United States 2015, 96 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

“For the first second, you can’t breathe. You plummet at an incredible speed. Immediately after that, you feel euphoric, and you’re convinced you’re Superman.” Carl Boenish came up with the idea of diving off skyscrapers, antenna towers, and bridges, and wanted to infect the world with his enthusiasm. He survived polio and became a pianist, engineer, and photographer, before discovering BASE jumping by chance. After 1,500 jumps, all captured on camera, he asked, “What’s next?” The answer was cliffs. Then it was any building tall enough – at least 50 stories high. For Boenish and his wife Jean, filming the jumps soon became as important as the jumps themselves. They incorporated more acrobatics and challenges to prove the invigorating sense of power in each jump. This film features breathtaking archive of their jumps, shot around the world.

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Director & Script: Marah Strauch
Production: Eric Bruggemann, Marah Strauch
Production Company: Scissor Kick Films
Editing: Marah Strauch, Eric Bruggemann, Kevin Mcguinness
Cinematography: Vasco Nunes, Nicolay Poulsen
World Sales: Park Circus Ltd (


Marah Strauch is a filmmaker and visual artist.

After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in glass art, Strauch moved to New York City where she studied filmmaking and screenwriting at NYU and The New School. She recently attended Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School.