Israel 2015, 78 min, Hebrew, Hebrew subtitles

“For years, he was the most powerful person in the country, more powerful than the prime minister, more powerful than any minister. He wielded enormous power”; “He cracked the Israeli ‘code’”; “He knew how to be on the outside, but how to be an insider, too. He was able to know what we wanted before we knew we wanted it. He wanted to put his finger on the pulse of what was happening, of what was just about to happen.” This is the story of 41 years of newspaper editing, from the founding of the state of Israel to the beginning of the 1990s, told through the testimonies of dozens of journalists who worked alongside legendary editor and journalist Dov Judkowski.


Director, Production & Script: Gilad Tocatly
Production Company: Gilad Tocatly Productions
Editing: Hilla Haramati
Cinematography: Ronen Mayo
Research: Maayan Dagan
World Sales: Gilad Tocatly Productions (


גלעד טוקטלי, יליד ירושלים,1966. בוגר בהצטיינות של ביה"ס סם שפיגל, חבר הוועד המנהל של בית ספרו בעשור האחרון. מכהן זה 22 שנה כבמאי ראשי בתכנית "עובדה" בערוץ 2. במשך שנה וחצי עבד במנהל שידורים ב- "טלעד", הקים את מערך הבימוי של "חדשות ישראל". ביים חמישה סרטים דוקומנטריים באורך מלא.