United States 2016, 95 min, English, Hebrew & English subtitles

“This can’t be all there is.” Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister couldn’t get rid of that buzzing notion. Life seemed perfect. He had a successful career in New York and endless work with famous artists like the Rolling Stones. But still, the buzz! Sagmeister decided to use his talent to redesign himself. He tested three methods to find happiness: meditation, psychotherapy, and psychiatric meds. He carefully measured, jotted down, and reported on his thoughts and feelings, set himself tasks, and rated his performance. But without ideal laboratory conditions, unexpected factors like love, sex, and death impacted his meticulous notes and presented new possibilities. Despite all his issues, the talented designer turned his experiences into a colorful film like only a designer could. Vivacious and amusing, it presents a life where that annoying hum doesn’t necessarily impose on happiness.

Previous Festivals: Hot Docs, Tribeca Film Festival, Sheffield


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  • Mon 23.05 10:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Thu 26.05 12:30 Cinemateque 3
  • Sat 28.05 19:45 Cinemateque 3
Director: Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, Hillman Curtis
Production: Ben Nabors
Production Company: So So Productions
Script: Stefan Sagmeister
Editing: Sam Citron, Akiko Iwakawa-grieve
Cinematography: Ben Wolf
Soundtrack: Colin Huebert
Music: Colin Huebert, Matt Abeysekera
World Sales: Zac Bright / Preferred Content (zac@preferredcontent.net)


Stefan Sagmeister has designed graphics for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones and the Guggenheim. Ben Nabors' first film, WILLIAM AND THE WINDMILL, won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Feature (SXSW 2013). Hillman Curtis’ work includes “Ride, Rise, Roar” and “Artist Series.” He passed away in 2012.