Israel / France / Canada / Germany 2016, 100 min, Hebrew, Arabic and English, English subtitles

Not much is known about the settlers apart from what appears on the news, but they are a diverse community in terms of their opinions, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic status. Who are these Jews, who uprooted their families to settle in the most contested area in the world, surrounded by hostile neighbors? What motivated – and still motivates them – to call those regions their home, despite the uncertainty about their future? How do the settlers respond to condemnation and outrage not only from the international community, but also from many Israelis, who see the settlements as an existential threat to State of Israel? How do they see themselves, when so many people around the world regard them as a symbol of uncompromising religious zealotry, xenophobia, and racism?

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Director: Shimon Dotan
Production: Estelle Fialon, Jonathan Aroch, Paul Cadieux, Shimon Dotan
Production Company: Les Films Du Poisson, Talisma Productions, Filmoption International
Script: Shimon Dotan, Oron Adar
Editing: Oron Adar
Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche
Research: Alona Abadi, Esther Miriam, Racheli Wasserman
Soundtrack: Alex Claude, Ronen Geva
Music: Ray Fabi
World Sales: Philippa Kowarsky, Cinephil (


סרטיו של דותן הוקרנו בהקרנות מסחריות ובפסטיבלים לקולנוע ברחבי העולם. "הבטחוניים", סרטו הדוקומנטרי מ- 2007, זכה בפרס השופטים בפסטיבל סנדנס. "חיוך הגדי" על פי ספרו של דוד גרוסמן, זכה בדב הכסף בפסטיבל ברלין ובשישה פרסי הקולנוע הישראלי. "צלילה חוזרת" זכה בשלושה פרסי הקולנוע הישראלי. דותן מלמד קולנוע פוליטי ב- NYU.