Israel / Egypt 2015, 90 min, Hebrew and Arabic, English subtitles

Moishe Sela, a 90-year-old veteran of the Palmach, takes his friend Judd Ne’eman to search for a burial place for himself. Decades earlier, after the Sinai withdrawal, the two men had a falling-out over politics, when hundreds of Bedouin families were evicted from their land in the Negev. Moishe took part in the eviction, and he and Judd didn’t speak for thirty years. But when Judd hears that Moishe is ailing with diabetes, and that he is planning to purchase his burial plot, the filmmaker feels a need to get to know him anew and understand his personality, so rife with contradictions. After all, Moishe’s story is so similar to – and yet so different from – his own life and beliefs.

Director, Production, Script & Research: Judd Neeman
Production Company: Judd Ne'eman Films
Editing: Shira Green
Cinematography: Tanya Aizekovitz
World Sales: Judd Neeman (


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