A conversation about and around images. What are the real and imaginary plains where cinema operates today? Which memories can be written in the light of the art of film, and what arises from the rendered imagery of digital means of duplication? Can they be erased?

The workshop will include a screening of Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat’s new film, “miroir séb fragile”, in 16mm. A cinematic/musical improvisation experiment, featuring the Ramirez Brothers.

People from the world of cinema—filmmakers, critics, and academics—talk about a post-cinematic world. The golden age of the movie experience is over, and cinema is no longer a glittering public event that attracts a wide audience. The big screen has been replaced by countless small screens, the mechanism has turned into a simple household technology, cinematic language has eroded, the depth of the screen has become shallower. Cameras are now everywhere and in the hands of everyone, but we never seem to see anything, or can’t reach an agreement, or believe in what we do see. Rare quality films, ads, music videos, blockbusters, amateur films and home movies intermingle on widely available internet platforms.

But cinema isn’t dead, and we’re not here to eulogize it. We’re here to rethink the art of the frame. “Nostalgia for the Light: Thoughts about post-cinema, in three acts” is a conversation about and around images, to deal with the public, spiritual, and material life of cinema in today’s world. What are the real and imaginary plains where cinema operates today? Can they be called Public? Collective? Political? Which memories can be etched and sculpted in the light of the art of film, and what arises from the pixelated, rendered imagery of digital means of duplication? Are they erasable? Do they involve loss? Can cinema be thought of, not as a virtual medium but as material, as an object? What body does cinema have? How does it capture time and space?

miroir séb fragile!
’16mm film, color, 4:3, stereo sound, BE, 2017, 22

Sound recording, electronic music and mixing Laszlo Umbreit
Recording assistence Ruben Vandermeulen
Image Artur Castro Freire

Additional camera Boris Belay
Music: The Ramirez Brothers
Hand processing was done at Labo BXL
Film copy Color by Dejonghe, Kortrijk
Produced by Argos, Centre for Art and Media, Brussels
With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Beursschouwburg, Brussels

miroir séb fragile! is a music-film made for cinematographer Sébastien Koeppel. The film was shot in a two-day recording session that was an experimentation in improvisation—in music and in image making. It was filmed on Sébastien’s various 16mm film stocks, some of which were long expired. The music was played live by The Ramirez Brothers. The recordings were added a layer of interpretation and manipulation by Laszlo Umbreit. The filming was made by Artur Castro Freire and Boris Belay and hand processed and manipulated by Artur Castro Freire and Eitan Efrat.
The work is an invitation to gather around the event of film projection and music. In between absence and presence, text comes into view, creating a direct passage for the light.