Short, dynamic presentations of a different kind of documentaries—innovative works by bold artists who defy genres using fresh cinematic language and cutting edge technology.
The seventh edition of NEXT! will include, for the first time, a monetary prize to the piece selected by the audience.

Curated and moderated by artist Doron Solomons.

Featured projects include:

#tripping – Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein

YouTube isn’t just the home of banal music videos. People from all over the world are documenting themselves as they experiment with psychedelic drugs, creating a subversive network of mind-expansion.

Refreshment Channel – Dor Muskal, Omer Ribak, Rotem Kapelinsky

Arutz Hakibud is a channel made up of three people, a tripod, and lots of hope. It was founded in 1914, a year after the great Cargo Pants Massacre, and a year before 1915, which was no picnic either. The channel’s founder, Teddy Sukkot, named it after his only son, Channel.

Hayarkon Street – Alex Klexber

Hayarkon Street in Rishon Le’zion is a quiet, nondescript street in a small neighborhood of old concrete blocks. Alex, who grew up there, returns in an attempt to recreate his childhood memories, when the street was a magical, mysterious place, filled with strange creatures.

Back to the Death Zone – Yonatan Nir

In 2012, mountain climber Nadav Ben Yehuda saved the life of another climber, 300 meters below the peak of Everest. Six years later, he returns to the world’s tallest mountain in order to settle the score.

The Lost Crown – Avi Dabach, Judith Manassen Ramon

When The Crown of Aleppo, the world’s most valuable Hebrew Bible manuscript, was smuggled from Syria into Israel, 40% of its pages disappeared. A team of researchers reopens the case and starts a hunt for the lost pages, utilizing crowdsourcing as well as VR technology, to try and figure out what happened.

Israeli Cinema Testimonial Database – Marat Parkhomovsky, Avital Bekerman

The history of Israeli cinema as told through personal testimonials by the people who created it, even if they aren’t always in agreement with each other. 300 hours of interviews can already be watched on their website, and phase 2 of filming is already underway.

Help – Tal Ilan

Goats bleating in the desert, an alpine ski resort, hotel corridors, and museums, juxtaposed with phone calls to psychological and psychiatric help and therapy hotlines, where the director does her best to be answered by a human.

Safecube – Or Tobias

Ray was Or’s best friend, and collaborator on his short films and videos, but then became mentally ill. Four years later, the guilt-ridden director embarks on a search for their lost friendship, unafraid of exposing their real conversations, some of which are accusatory and disparaging.