Israel / Germany / Belgium 2017, 48 min, Hebrew, German and Polish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Animated documentary of encounters in virtual worlds simulating the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The film follows the creators of these virtual camps, each in his simulated world: a German prosecutor; Israeli high-school students; an Israeli game developer; a Polish graphic designer; a German architect; and an Israeli historian. It is constructed as a mosaic in which the avatar of each creator walks around and explores his own virtual Auschwitz. The film is a journey into the depths of reconstructed memory that reveals the obsession with the representation of the Holocaust.

Previous Festivals: Rotterdam International Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival


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Director, Cinematography & Research: Amir Yatziv
Production & Production Company: Amir Yatziv And Jonathan Doweck
Script: Elad Weingrod, Amir Yatziv
Editing: Didier Volckaert
Soundtrack: Nati Zeidenstadt
World Sales: Amir Yatziv (


Bezalel 2008,
video artist in tel aviv