Poland 2016, 72 min, Polish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Ola, 14, and her brother Nikodem, 13, are growing up amid a family drama that many other kids might find overwhelming. But they have some secret weapons—her charisma, power and practicality, and his simple, amused honesty—that help them deal with their alcoholic father, a mother who abandoned them and shacked up with another man in another town, and the typical gloominess of their small, Catholic Polish village.
Nikodem, who is autistic, is getting ready to take his Holy Communion. Ola helps him, but sometimes loses her patience. Even so, she never loses hope of reuniting the family. Both their parents will be there for Communion, and who knows where that might lead to.

Previous Festivals:

IDFA, One World, DOK leipzig


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Director & Script: Anna Zamecka
Production: Anna Wydra, Anna Zamecka, Zuzanna Król-maziarzewska, Hanka Kastelicova, Izabela Łopuch
Production Company: Otter Films
Editing: Agnieszka Glińska, Anna Zamecka, Wojciech Janas
Cinematography: Małgorzata Szyłak
World Sales: Maelle Guenegues (maelle@catndocs.com)


She lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She studied Journalism,
Anthropology and Photography in Warsaw and Copenhagen. She
completed the Dok Pro Documentary Programme at Wajda School.
“Communion” is her full-length debut.