United States 2017, 94 min, English and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

An almost hopeless trail leads from Mexico to the US through the Sonora desert, the hottest place in North America. The harsh sunlight, savage beauty, deadly wildlife, and human remains of travelers who didn’t make it, create an emotional/spiritual/mythical path, haunted by ghosts and legends, terror and confusion. The immigrants are nowhere to be seen, but their stories are powerfully echoed by the few who live on the desert’s edge, and even more so—by reading the signs. Outstanding 16mm camerawork, bold editing, and surprising sound, place the viewers right there, in the desert, forced to feel the heat and despair on their skin while also succumbing to the dreamlike inspiration of the place.

Previous Festivals: Berlinale


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Directors, Script, Editing, Cinematography, Research & Soundtrack: Joshua Bonnetta, J.p. Sniadecki
Production: J.p. Sniadecki, Joshua Bonnetta
Production Company: N/a
World Sales: jp sniadecki (jpsniadecki@gmail.com)


Joshua Bonnetta is an artist working with analogue film and sound in various modes of theatrical exhibition, performance and installation. His work has shown at Berlin, Toronto, The Images Festival, Mutek International Festival of Electronic Music, European Media Arts Festival, Rotterdam, The Cleveland MoMA and at venues around the world.

J.P. Sniadecki works between China and the US as an artist and anthropologist. His work is in the permanent collection of New York’s MoMA and the San Francisco MoMA, and has been exhibited at the Whitney Biennale, and the Shanghai Biennale, and festivals such as Berlin, Locarno, and New York.