Israel 2017, 60 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

Haim Hatuel started piercing his kids at age 5. This is Delila and Maor Hatuel’s childhood memory. They are now Israeli fencing champions.
Haim Hatuel is a native of Morocco who arrived in Acre when he was 15 years old. A day after his release from the Israel Defense Forces, Haim saw an ad that changed his life: “The best for fencing.” Haim was accepted into a fencing academy, which was a social sport initiative aimed at turning street kids into law abiding citizens who would go on to pursue a career.
Over the next 45 years, Haim Hatuel built a fencing empire in Acre. Just before the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, the family empire is about to crash.

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Director, Production, Production Company, Script & Research: Liat Mer
Editing: Noam Amit
Cinematography: Roey Roth
Soundtrack: Ronen Nagel
Music: Ran Bagno
World Sales: Go2Films (


Liat Mer holds a master's degree in film and television from Tel Aviv University. She teaches film at the "Regler" High School of art in Netanya. Liat Directed Polish Mother to Channel 2, Kinderlach for Channel 1 and Locked down to Channel 8, which was awarded with the "Golden Castle" prize at the Off Cinema Festival in Warsaw. Fence your Best is her fourth film.