Germany 2016, 79 min, German, Hebrew & English subtitles

They are childhood friends who have talked about absolutely everything. When director Annekatrin Hendel invites her good friend Ines Rastig to four weeks in a luxury hotel, they bring along a camera, meant to serve as a buffer, but which ends up destroying any chance of pretense. The beautiful Baltic beach is covered in snow, and inside, in the room, the women carry on conversations that are as intimate, pained, angry, and funny as they can get. Ines, the East Berlin anarchist artist turned housewife and mother, is rediscovering herself after the painful divorce that made her homeless. In between memories, a scary disease, and a weird internet romance, Ines turns out never to have lost her artist’s point of view, which gives the film its outstanding visual qualities.

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Director, Script & Cinematography: Annekatrin Hendel
Production: Holly Tischman, Michael Kaczmarek
Production Company: It Works! Medien Gmbh
Editing: Rune Schweitzer
Music: Steve Binetti
World Sales: IT WORKS! Medien GmbH Annekatrin Hendel (


- German screenwriter, director, and producer from Berlin
- studied design
- own production company since 2004
- German film academy member
After VATERLANDSVERRÄTER (Berlinale 2011), ANDERSON (Panorama 2014), and FASSBINDER (IDFA 2015), Hendel returns to telling an East German story with FIVE STARS (Panorama 2017).