Slovenia / Croatia / Germany / Czech Republic / Qatar 2016, 88 min, English, Croatian, Serbian and Slovene, Hebrew & English subtitles

An exclusive look at a forgotten Cold War story, which may or may not have actually happened: What was Yugoslavia’s involvement in the American/Soviet space race? How did behind-the-scenes discussions between Tito and Kennedy affect the increasing tensions between East and West? Who were the architects of the Yugoslavian space program, and what personal price did they have to pay?
This surprising film makes clever use of archival footage in order to demonstrate how easily myths can be created, and how easily we—who supposedly live in an age of infinite information—agree to delegate the ability to tell fact from fiction.
Philosopher Slavoj Žižek tags along as an outside observer, never letting us forget it’s our job to keep asking questions.

Previous Festivals:

Tribeca, Karlovy Vary, BFI London Film Festival


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  • Sat 13.05 17:15 Cinemateque 4
    Filmmaker Present
  • Thu 18.05 12:30 Cinemateque 1
Director: Žiga Virc
Production: Boštjan Virc
Production Company: Studio Virc D.o.o.
Script: Žiga Virc & Boštjan Virc
Editing: Vladimir Gojun
Cinematography: Andrej Virc
World Sales: Catherine Le Clef (


Film and television director Žiga Virc (b. 1987) graduated from the Academy
of Theatre, Radio and Television in Slovenia. He was voted finalist for best foreign short film for the Student Academy Awards in 2010, for his short film Trieste Is Ours! Virc has directed numerous commercials, documentary and fiction films