Israel / Germany / Greece / Denmark / Nigeria 2016, 105 min, Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Romanian and Wolof, Hebrew & English subtitles

Out Of Place is a documentary film project which inspires and catalyzes social change, tolerance and inclusion through the amazing power of documentary film. Ten short films were developed and produced by Filmmakers from Israel and Germany. Each short tells the story of someone feeling out of place, lonely or different. Each present different and diverse cinematic perspectives, tackling subject matters such as migration, minorities, discrimination and more. OUT OF PLACE gives visual form to their personal stories and explore the rewards and adversities of day-to-day cooperation between different people living together.
This project was initiated by the Gesher film fund and supported by the EU.
Screening in the presence of the EU Ambassador and the Filmmakers, from Israel and Germany

The Films:
Blending in
Hilton ground floor
Moonlight Princess
The Essien Children
Something in you Something in me
The Dreamer
Out Of Space


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Filmmakers: Tama Tobias-macht, Johanna Sunder-plassmann, Or Sinai, Yael Yakirevich, Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss, Yakie Ayalon, Jamal Khalaile, Agniia Galdanova, Syllas Tzoumerkas, Tamar Kay, Ittai Meyer, Carmit Shlomi, Tobias Müller, Ran Mendelson, Sana Tanous, Orit Fouks Rotem, Kathrin Dietzel, Christoph Rohrscheidt, Ben Von Grafenstein, Dasha Sherman
Production Company: Greenproductions, One Two Films
World Sales: Michelle Pose (