Switzerland 2016, 84 min, English, Farsi and German, Hebrew & English subtitles

What’s the connection between a desert rave and civil disobedience? For Anoosh and Arash, two DJs from Tehran, just like hundreds of other young people like them, that’s the only way to express their despair and frustration at life in their homeland. They create electronic music, considered as the devil’s music in Iran, and distribute their album underground while risking heavy fines from the morality police, and even incarceration. They’re not freedom fighters, but consummate artists. When the opportunity arises to make their dream of freedom a reality, will they have the courage? A mesmerizing film, partly shot on cellphones for security reasons, and co-directed by others who remain in Iran, and anonymous.

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Director & Script: Susanne Regina Meures
Production: Christian Frei
Production Company: Frei Filmproduktion
Editing: Rebecca Trösch
Cinematography: Gabriel Lobos, Susanne Regina Meures
Soundtrack: Blade & Beard
Music: Ghazal Shakeri, Stefan Willenegger, Roland Widmer
World Sales: Rise And Shine World Sales - Diana Karklin (info@riseandshine-berlin.de)


Born in the West of Germany.
Studied photography and history of art at The Courtauld in London and film at the Zurich University of the Arts. She worked for numerous print publications before moving to film.
Raving Iran is her first feature length documentary.