Israel 2017, 109 min, Hebrew and Moroccan, Hebrew & English subtitles

The story of Israel’s “development towns” in a chilling documentary, as never told before: Testimonials and previously sealed transcripts reveal a method, an ideology and a cruel practice of law enforcement and decision makers behind the “population dispersal” policies in the first two decades of independence.
The director’s family, like others, was taken to Yeruham, a development town in the Negev desert. Their personal stories recount of the price immigrant-families pay and the price still paid by Israeli society, unwilling to deal head-on with those early years and forgotten towns.

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A film by: Doron Galezer, David Deri, Ruth Yuval
Director: David Deri
Production: David Deri, Sagit Shalom
Production Company: D.d Productions
Script: Doron Galezer, David Deri, Ruth Yuval
Editing: Yaniv Raiz Sheffy
Cinematography: Avner Shahaf, Shay Pony
Research: Talia Aloni, Renen Yezersky
Soundtrack: Avi Mizrahi
Music: Jonathan Bar-giora


Israeli Academy Award winner for his film “Until Tomorrow Comes”, and creator of the celebrated documentary series “Allah Islam” on Muslim radicalization in Europe. his film “Say Amen“ documented a five year long process of coming out of the closet in front of his religious family.