Austria / France 2016, 35 min, German, Hebrew & English subtitles

Norbert Abeles has lived under dictatorial regimes more than once, and he says it grows on you. Having fled Nazi Austria as a Jewish boy, he has been living in Africa for 56 years, and still persists in displaying colonialist paraphernalia around his mansion, as evidenced (silently) by his crew of servants, who enjoy their master’s relative generosity.

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Directors: Bernhard Braunstein, Albert Lichtblau, Martin Hasenöhrl
Production & Production Company: Bernhard Braunstein
Script: Bernhard Braunstein, Albert Lichtblau
Editing: Bernhard Braunstein, Martin Hasenöhrl, Lucile Chaufour
Cinematography: Bernhard Braunstein, Martin Hasenöhrl
Research: Albert Lichtblau
World Sales: sixpackfilm (


B. Braunstein: Born 1979, director, editor and camera operator, lives in Paris and Salzburg.
A. Lichtblau: Born 1954, historian at the University of Salzburg, focus on oral history, co-director of the Center for Jewish cultural history.
M. Hasenöhrl: Born 1980, director, editor and camera operator, lives in Salzburg.