United States 2017, 77 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

“When Paris was a baby, he saved my life. 13 years later, he ruined it.” When her gifted, 13-year-old son murdered her 4-year-old daughter, Charity Bennett had no idea how to go on. She started by forgiving: first, her son, and then her mother, whose complex relationship with Charity was built on a foundation of secrets, lies, and manipulation. When Charity, her mother, and Paris, who was sentenced to 40 years in prison—all highly intelligent and charismatic people—give their personal accounts, their complex family history comes to the fore. Gradually, disturbing stories begin to emerge, and events that can, in hindsight, explain the present. Charity tries to look forward, and she has renewed hope, but also doubts and worry.

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Directors: Katie Green, Carlye Rubin
Production: Katie Green, Carlye Rubin, Tina Grapenthin
Editing: Tina Grapenthin
Soundtrack: Rob Daly
Music: T. Griffin


Katie Green, Co-Director/Producer: Katie has worked in documentaries since 2006. Her filmography includes “In Prison My Whole Life” and “Starsuckers” which played at numerous international film festivals and screened on True Stories and Sundance Channel. Most recently she co-directed the HBO documentary “The (Dead Mothers) Club” with Carlye.

Carlye Rubin, Co-Director/Producer Carlye worked on documentaries including "The Swell Season", "Capitalism: A Love Story" and "Thank You Mr. President: Helen Thomas At The White House" before making her directorial debut with “The (Dead Mothers) Club” (HBO, May 2014). She is now co-directing ‘The Family I Had’ as well as “No Place For Children”.