Israel 2017, 82 min, Hebrew, Arabic and English, Hebrew, Arabic & English subtitles

Gush Etzion Junction, between Jerusalem and Hevron: Ali Abu Awwad dedicates his family’s field as a Palestinian Center for Non-violence. Despite his life experience, four years in an Israeli prison, his mother’s five year sentence, a brother killed by an Israeli soldier- Ali creates “Roots” with local Israeli settlers, advancing responsibility and grassroots work to enable political reconciliation. The director, a resident of Gush Etzion, accompanies the initiative for 2.5 years and documents the changes transpiring on both sides. In 2015, Etzion Junction suffers a wave of violence and the activists face a reality where their own relatives are being attacked.

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Director, Production & Script: Mordechai Vardi
Production Company: Veradim Productions Ltd
Editing: Yoni Tzruya
Cinematography & Research: Mordechai Vardi, Raaya Vardi Teboulle
Soundtrack: Ami Arad
Music: Avi Belleli
World Sales: Michael Treves - JMT Films Distribution (


Rabbi Mordechai Vardi (56) the head of the screenwriting at the "MAALE" Film School. He graduated Master's degree, in Tel Aviv University. He is a rabbi of Kibutz Rosh Tsurim. He directed documentary films aired on Channel 2 & yes doco. The field is his third film.