Israel / Canada 2017, 72 min, French, Hebrew & English subtitles

In recent years Anti-Semitism in France is on the rise. Charismatic leaders such as Dieudonne and Alan Soral, are no longer hiding in the shadows but displaying their agenda in public. Tension is felt on the streets of Paris, but the real battlefield is online, were hatred has no limits or censorship. This reality gives birth to a new kind of vigilante: A militant-Zionist hacker by the name of “Ulcan”, who declares a one-man-war against the leaders of the Anti-Semitic movement… “The Patriot” is a dark tale of extremism and vengeance in the Cyber Age.

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  • Sat 13.05 21:00 Cinemateque 3
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  • Mon 15.05 14:30 Cinemateque 3
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  • Fri 19.05 19:30 Cinemateque 1
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Director: Daniel Sivan
Production: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra, Ina Fichman, Executive Producer: Nick Fraser
Production Company: Ttv Productions, Intuitive Pictures
Script: Daniel Sivan, Mor Loushy
Editing: Daniel Sivan, Mor Loushy, Yosef Grunfeld
Cinematography: Cell Phone Cinematography: Ulcan, Additional Footage: Daniel Sivan
Research: Daniel Sivan, Mor Loushy, Thierry Vincent
Soundtrack: Sylvain Bellemare, Mimi Allard
Music: Jean-olivier Begin
World Sales: TTV Productions (


Daniel Sivan is an award winning Israeli Director/Producer known for his critical social political documentaries, Such as: 'Censored Voices' Winner of the Israeli Oscar, screened at Sundance & Berlinale; 'Offside' screened at IDFA & Tribeca; He recently edited "Death in the Terminal" Winner of the Israeli Oscar & IDFA 2016.