Over 35 years after it was founded in a small industrial town in then-Yugoslavia, Laibach is still the most internationally successful band of the former Soviet bloc. Founded in 1980—the same year as the death of Tito, the nation’s founder—the band’s rise to success ran parallel to Yugoslavia’s decline. Laibach’s genre-defying music (is it Rock? Pop? Techno? Industrial?) “engineers the soul”, makes you think, dance, and maybe even march.

The band will be in Israel to coincide with the screening of the new documentary about them:

  • Liberation Day
    Thu 11.05 20:30 Romano House Filmmaker Present Free Entrance

An additional screening:

Untitled Productions presents:
Slovenian rock group Laibach in Israel
Friday, May 12th | Reading 3
Doors 21:00, show starts at 22:00