United States 2018, 101 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Women from all around the U.S. wrote to the editor of the feminist “Ms. Magazine” (co-founded by Gloria Steinem) in the ’70s. When their letters reach the hands of American women today, they seem like messages in bottles drifting in from distant shores. Director Irene Lusztig uses these encounters—and self-encounters—to recreate the circumstances faced by the women of the past: same scenery, same towns, same atmosphere. When they read the letters out loud and respond, they find that though we may have come a long way, not much has changed. The women of then and now find comfort in each other. In these funny, angry, sexual, reflective letters, we see the grandmothers, mothers and older sisters of what has come to be known as #MeToo.

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Director, Production, Editing & Cinematography: Irene Lusztig
Soundtrack: Maile Colbert
World Sales: Women Make Movies (coshea@wmm.com)


IRENE LUSZTIG is a filmmaker, visual artist, archival researcher, and amateur seamstress. Her film and video work mines old images and technologies for new meanings in order to reframe, recuperate, and reanimate forgotten and neglected histories. Much of her current work is centered on public feminism, language, and histories of women and women’s bodies, including the feature length archival film essay The Motherhood Archives (2013) and the ongoing web-based Worry Box Project (2011).