France / Finland 2018, 75 min, Hebrew, Hebrew subtitles

Ailo, a reindeer born just a little prematurely, spends the first year of his life on a long, arduous journey across Lapland. In the white frozen expanses of the polar circle, he encounters squirrels and bears, vultures and wolves; and because he is only a cub, his mother watches over him.
At the end of the journey, Ailo will be all grown up. He will learn to run, flee, hide, leap across the snow, and tell friend from foe. The camera follows the young reindeer closely—breathtakingly so—but does not neglect to show the wilderness in all its glory: the snow-covered trees resembling bizarre statues, and the night sky glimmering with countless stars.

Previous Festivals:

Sydney International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival


  • Thu 23.05 10:45 Cinemateque 3
  • Sat 25.05 10:00 Cinemateque 1
  • Sat 01.06 10:00 Cinemateque 5
Director: Guillaume Maidatchevsky
Production: Laurent Baden, Laurent Flahault, Gaël Nouaille
Editing: Laurence Buchmann
Cinematography: Daniel Meye, Teemu Liakka
Music: Julien Jaouen, Panu Aaltio


Guillaume Maidatchevsky has a background in biology and began his professional career as a scientific journalist. He is the author of many wildlife TV series. His aim has always been to approach the animals to tell their stories: camera on his shoulder, he travels the globe to put those in images and share it with the greatest number. He has directed a dozen documentary films, with Baboon - The Fate of a King, Wild Farming, and Living with Wolves among his latest films for French and foreign TV channels (France Télévisions, Arte, National Geographic, ZDF, NHK) before turning to cinema.