Spain / France / Israel 2019, 12 min, No Dialogue, No Subtitles

Shira Ukrainitz, a secular Jew, and Omar Al Abdul Razzak, a secular Muslim, live in Catholic Spain. Together, they use video, animation, and sound, to examine the way religions define and confine our spaces—from without and from within.


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Director: Razzak Ukrainitz
Production: Martine Vidalenc, Omar Razzak
Production Company: Tourmalet Films, Marmita Films, Razzak Ukrainitz
Music: Esteban Abondano
World Sales: Tourmalet Films (


Razzak Ukrainitz is the result of joint an Israeli illustrator with a Canarian-Syrian filmmaker. He’s released the documentaries “Paradiso” and “La tempestad calmada”. He’s been invited to Berlinale Talents, Venezia Biennale College Cinema and Torino Film Lab&Coming. “Confined Spaces” is her opera prima. They’re trying to mix animation with documentary.